Thursday, December 29, 2011


i have to stop being so ignorant. i honestly thought uitm will handle the acca tingy fr us. but like always, i was wrong -..-

so today, me, nicha, dila and julin went to acca malaysia's office and we settled tings on our own.  A BIG THANKS TO NICHA'S DAD!

now dah super lega. tinggal nak daftar jek :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

wats up with the world?

so i just had a very exciting day. haha. thanks to christmas. i dont see anything wrong with wishing them. it's not like we have to pegang salib and sing Hallelujah pun. so ppl, CHILL.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

what a night

so yeah. i cant sleep. and i did something bad. like sooo bad.

but i cleaned up my mess right after that.


Saturday, December 17, 2011


so i've waited centuries for the pictures to be uploaded. and here they are!


Hilman aka Little Monster

Freaky Abang and Baby.

arent we cute?

left - miss awesome. right - mr ugly

haha -..-




mia familia <3 ! rambut dodo tebal -..-

anak kambing ni sangat comel.

ni je yg sempat upload. so yeah,, more upcoming!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


it started like, 10 minutes ago.

my phone vibrated. incoming text message. it's from my brother. i was kinda expecting it since he sat fr his computer test today. nak bragging dgn result dia la tuh. but it wasnt as i expected.

me    : aaa, belum. bulan 2 ni setaun ah. nape??
haziq : kalau lebih setaun kena repeat dr KPP.
me    : OMFG! *dies*

i have a confession to make. I FUCKING HATE DRIVING. IT'S MY WORST FUCKING NIGHTMARE. i hate everything about driving. every single thing. T___T

ahh major headache. argh. stress level to the max. holy crapping shit!

it's okay Farhah, u have till February to get over yr fear. inhale. exhale. driving a car isnt that hard. kan? *nervous, insincere laughs

ps : haziq got a 45. i got 47, so i won hahaha. sucker!
pps : i'll be going back to JB tomorrow. hoyeahhh! going to Sibu Island with mi familiaa <3 ahh sir, guess i wont be coming this monday. haha.

okay, time fr a nap, i bet imma die in my dream. car crash. BAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

im trying. i swear.

cant really update anything because i'll get carried away and let my emotions control me. and that wont be pretty.

so yeah, IM TRYING AS BEST, AND AS HARD AS I CAN. hold yourself together, FARHAH!

to some ppl, this might be easy and not at all challenging. well, we all have our own limit. i, have never need to settle anything my entire life. any problems, any at all, my parents will always be there. but not now. they're far, and i have to stand on my own two feet. and this is hard, for me.

but im holding on. :) god gives me strength.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The title might be little inapropriate, but i think it's super cute!!!

 t(^^t)   t(^^t)    HAHAH

how could anyone find it offensive?

oh today i went fr a tour at the art gallery, and lemme tell u this. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME! the painting is soo real it's as if it is alive. like OMG! how i envy people who could draw T__T

ahh tomorow is t5! i'm not sure whether i should read everything back again. huh. let time tells. haha

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


i was scrolling down my facebook page, and i saw one of my ex schoolmate posted ths video. about her ex classmates, u know vid of em having fun bla3. she said she misses school time and how much she enjoyed her schooldays.

well, NOT ME! i never like my school. not evn once. school sucks! at least mine does. i dont evn wanna set foot on Tasek 2's soil again. forever. haha. and if im given the chance to rewind time, and get back together with my classmates and all, im gonna say No. politely, of course. im not gonna let myself being sucked into that eternal hellhole. no sir.

i feel for u Calvin. haha. 

all i gotta say now is, THANK GOD IT'S OVER!!!! hahahaha. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Midterm Exams

sigh. im not exactly excited with the idea of midterm examinations. yeah, sure, it's just midterm. BUT this midterm will determine wether i'll get study grant. oh and btw, it's rm300 per paper now. 0.o im not the type that revised last minute and then complained about it. i think it's kinda shallow. i prefer to get it done and over with.

usually i'll start studying a week before examinations. i'll finish one subject per day. i rather read everything thru and not waste time on certain topics. if there are topics that i dont get, then i'll get back at em after im done with the rest. that way, i dont get brain jammed. haha

and i prefer reading than calculating. well, not entirely true. calculating is easy, and as long as u remember the format, then u'r on the right track. but the format/formula is just too overwhelming fr me. esp my t7 paper. i prefer t5 than t7. i spent like 2 hours fr 5,6 chapters. yeah, i read fast. i skipped lines, and paragraphs. haha. sometimes i skipped pages. i dont understand why certain ppl took hours to finish 1,2 chapter. i mean, dont they get tired? it's easier if u scanned through the pages. well, at least fr me it does haha.

so im now dreading over my t7. i didnt read t7. i prefer to do questions. so i picked 3 questions per topic. i guess that's enough. we have lots of topics. ada 599 pages to read fr t7 haha. no way im going to put my brain thru hell. i've done 47 questions so far, and there are 122 questions for me to finish. im getting there. YEAY ME!

and my t6. well, i love my t6 and my sir is the best. i've revised the important topics, so i think i'll do fine. fine. not great.

t6-DONE. t5-DONE. t7-ON MY WAY!!!

see? who said studying is hard and tedious? just dont push yourself too hard. reward yourself every two hours. well, in my case, belajar sejam, reward sampai malam. HAHA. susah nak stay on track bila kat rumah. haha.

ah well, need to get back at my tv. it's FLASHPOINT time!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

surprisingly cute

i have ths old friend back when i was form 2, 3. then he moved to india. but we remain close. since we're one of the few that can or at least, hv the courage to speak in english.

and today, surprisingly, he asked me about my crush. knowing him, and he would never ask that, i sensed something's wrong. and i was right! he's facing trouble with his love -..-

anyway, what im trying to say is, it's funny and scary how in love he is. i've known him fr a long time. he's childish, and immature and sadistic! n suddenly he's all ''i will give up my life for her''. and i was like ''wtf? chill dude''. he said he's found his true love. idk if it's true, but i do know this, she changed him, in a way i cant explain. does love do that to people? hmm.

well, whatever happens, i wish him goodluck. haha. he said he's still a virgin. thank god!

this is him. dharma. :D

Friday, November 25, 2011

Breaking Dawn

olla! as most of u know, breaking dawn part 1 is here!! finally. im a BIG fan of the saga. fr reasons im not sure myself. but i think they're awesome. plus the hotbods! DROOLLLSSS.

i've never liked edward, or bella to that matter. i love the werewolves! but i found jacob annoying and clingy and desperate. BUT NOT THIS TIME! he imprints on renesmee or nessie, as he called her. so no more obsessing over bella. YEAY HIM! my personal fave is Jasper the brooding vampire. SOOO FMH! haha.

cant wait fr the 2nd part. ;* oooh, im at home, till tuesday. so im lovin my precious moment here with my family.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids nowadays.

i cant sleep because it's raining, and i LOVE the thumpingy sound too much that my eyes just wont shut. so, i browsed through my facebook homepage. and this thing hit me. i realised that kids nowadays, are very much different than us.

fr example, my 11 year old cuz, surprised me when she typed '' lha ,, mlm - mlm poon x tdho lg kerx?'' never have i dare write or type something like this when i was 11. i dont even know what it meant back then.

and yesterday, a 13 year old boy, my junior, he went on a bitching rampage. he commented on his ''BAJET GEDIK'' seniors's status and photos. using undescribable words. words strictly forbidden, EVEN FR ME! i dont know what's wrong with him, but it sure scared the hell outta me.

and tday, again, i witnessed a fight btween primary school kids. i've never fought on facebook when i was 12. well, until i was15 actually. haha. aaah, the good old Mypace era.

i do hope the kids wont get carried away with this whole technology thingy. too much of anything is never good.

* tadi managed to learn 2 new dance fr perbarisan. susah gila.

Monday, November 21, 2011


alhamdulillah. malaysia menang with 5-4.

okay nak start cerita sekarang. 

azureen, zalikha, zamiah and me, semua excited pergi seksyen 7. dgn harapan dpt tgk kat Barra. but Barra penuh, so we settled kat D'seven. IT WAS AWESOME. memang boleh sakit jantung. the excitement, the screams, the damaged vocal-cord. haha. realised it's already past 11pm, we decided to balik Mawar. kalau x nnt gate dah kunci. haha. BUTTTTT, lalu sebelah kfc, and gambar dia terang gila. so berhenti tgk kat situ jap. haha. 

but kitorg stay there fr aout 10 minutes je, then terus lari balik Mawar. time tu dah start penalty. so we rushed to the TV room, and terpaksa tengok lalu tingkap sbb bilik dah penuh. OMG every kick was more intense than the kick before. everyone chanted ''APEK APEK APEK''. haha. glorious. 

AND WE WON!!!! i hope this kinda feeling comes more often. :) oooh lets pray esok cuti. johor cutiiii. T___T ehem ehem, sultan Johor, boleh tolong buatkan surat and hantar kat faculty hamba x??  hahah

Sunday, November 20, 2011


im going to do this. yeah.

wish me luck people. i hope i dont die in the process. 

The Anisses

my new roommates semua nama Anis. haha. 

weird and creepy. -.-'' i hope this goes well :*

oh and tadi one of the dad asked me '' finals bila?''. i answerd ''bulan 1 ni pakcik. ths 30th midterm''. pakcik tu pun tanya lagi ''so, bulan 1 awak da habis lah?''


Saturday, November 19, 2011

and now the room aint mine alone anymore T__T

got meself a new roommate. her name's anis. she seems innocent. haha.
from terenggau. nasib baik when she talks takda slang. haha
kejap lagi nak lunch dengan dia. there goes my diet -.- thanks very much anis. haha


kenapalah kau jahat sangat?

kenapa suka sakitkan hati orang lain tak pasal pasal?

you have unresolved issues. 

think back about what u did, and apologise.

even shit can be holy.

okay seriously tajuk takda kaitan langsung dengan today's entry. haha.

4.30 pm - 5.30 pm, FAB. chapter 5 till 8. one hour's enough. no need to torment myself haha.

7.30 pm - 9 pm, FFA. need to finish up my consolidated SOFP and Income statement. IM LOVIN IT! seriously.

11 pm - 11.30 pm FMA. i think im doing quite well in FMA. so im thinking half an hour is sufficient.

im so hungry i could eat a horse. ah well, time to move my lazy ass and make myself a hot cuppa tea. yumm!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Charity Night :D


mula mula we got there, and kitorang je yang excited pakai baju kurung. haha. budak degree semua pakai t-shirt and jeans. we're like OMG, WHAT HAPPENED? tp since kitorang budak course professional, so kena la nampak lain sikit haha. berlagak much? -.-

ADUN's speech kelakar and he's kinda nice. haha. then, RAUL BAGI SPEECH! aww. fully english. he wrote it by himself. mmg kitorang nangis lah kan. sedih. we feel fr u raul. be strong and be yourself :')

this is raul. he's talented. :)

and then the kids buat persembahan with their pom poms. like so freaking cute! i can just bite their cheeks off! sumpah comel. mmg ada yg excited gila, ada yg salah step, ada yg blur habis. haha. cute! but i dont have their pictures here -.- ada jugak yang nyanyi tadi. true entertainer. :)

oooh! then Hayad Tunes and Starz Below pun performed. they're great, but the sound system's kinda haywire.

STARZ BELOW. yg sebelah aku tu super cute haha

and fr acara penutup, kitorang joget chicken dance together. awwww. so sweeet!

gamba ni, MIOR yg ambil :)

and masa balik, kitorang lambai the kids. well, they lambai us, actually. haha. and pakcik bus pun super peramah. bak kata ajulin, harini hari kemesraan :P

ps: abang bas ada girlfriend -.-

it's 12.20 am. and im not sleepy. haha. annoying orange time!!

My Precious T__T

im going to attend ths charity night event today. and it said ''bawak barang barang terpakai sekali''. so i told my mum, and she suggested that i give away my gelang, cincin and rantai yg lama lama. since im not using them, might as well give em to other people and make space fr new ones. im now staring at my jewellery box, deciding which one's going away. sedihnya. what kinda collector gv away their items? i collect accessories. and now im sposed to give em away? T__T ah well, maybe the autistic kids need it more than i do :)

* my dad called me, saying he's here. shah alam. but then he told me he's working and cant make it. T__T

** please let abang bas be there tonight. please. please. please.  hehehe.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

bored to death

im super duper frustrated right now.

im having difficulty to log in my facebook account, AGAIN -.-

the URBAN DICTIONARY page (which i found on The Creepy Sara's blog) wont stop loading. i have been waiting fr 6 minutes to be exact.

videos on youtube wont buffer. T__T ooh, if any of u guys are bored stiff like i am right now, go listen to Criminal, by Britney freaking Spears. but it's not fr them innocent. haha

i only managed to finish my t6's homework halfway. half is better than nothing. right? -.-

tomorrow ada exam ''olok olok'' t5. chapter 5 till 10. im sposed to be studying, but since it's ''olok olok'', why used up my brain now? haha.

oh ada orang ketuk pintu. oooh, HARI MAWAR QASEH. why would thay spell it as QASEH? seriously it's annoying. ''9:35 am, program memasak bubur lambuk bersama ibu bapa''. sorry miss i love knocking on ppl's door at 11 pm, but my parents live 300kms away. T__T

im such a lazy bum i rather sleep alone than forcing myself to climb the stairs and sleep with my friends. seriously farhah mahzan seorang yg penakut. tapi dia lagi pemalas! hehe God's with me. :)

oh my mum texted me, asking whether i'll be going home tomorrow. sorry mum, your little girl's all grown up now. ok i lied. i promised myself i wont balik rumah till AFTER midterm. which is on the 30th! T__T

yawn. sangap. okay, orang johor guna sangap fr menguap. i was genuinely shocked bila dapat tau right here, sangap means the total opposite and takda kena mengena langsung. haha

okay, need to sleep. got a whole day ahead of me tomorrow :) awwwwhh shaytt! belum iron baju. -.-

tadi jumpa abang bas. hihihihihi :P long time no see, senor. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


malam ni ada solat hajat.

esok charity night.

malam selasa rabu ada latihan perbarisan .

oh not to mention, i've learned the meaning of self independent and maturity. :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And.... im alone?

i was expecting 3 new roommates. today. but when i came back from class, my room's still empty! where are they? do they know how tired it is fr me to tidy up everything? i even swiped the whole room. thats something i've never done before. sheesh -.- ah well, the registration ends around 5pm. and it's only 2.30pm. be patient, farhah. but IF, it's fate that i dont have roommates, i think thats something i can live with. ha ha. it'll be scary tho. 

anyway, i have trouble loggin in my facebook account, so i guess i will be spending my time getting ready fr my midterm! i'll finish my t7 first. then t6. lastly, t5. i'll spend 2 days fr each subject, and a week fr t5. t5 is just special. 

oh and my t7 lecturer, the dedicated puan linda has decided that we'll be having our mock midterm exam tomorrow. 30 questions. 1 hour 15 minutes. sigh. better start flipping those pages. 

on my to do list :

1) buat surat to apacs.
2) jumpa miss haz. i went to pejabat earlier, but she wasnt there. -.-
3) angkat baju! ok, baju aku dah disidai from ahad, and tak angkat till today. haha

oh and malam ni i wanna attend perjumpaan perbarisan. haha. it's fun to involve in other activities besides accounting. 

one down, two more to go.

ok, i think i handled the apacs tingy quite impressively. absolutely no harsh words, and no usual emo-ness. he's kinda nice. and it made me feel kinda guilty now. sorry mr president! :) so, after this, BUAT SURAT SETIAP KALI NAK BALIK JB. <-- ayat mr rashad aka the president. okay captain. since when it's apacs' business? sigh.

next, need to talk to miss haz about the clerk and study grant t4. farhah, keep in mind, MIND YOUR LANGUAGE. and smile. and use polite words. and smile.

i think im being too outspoken. oh damn it. my biggest nightmare. shittttt!. this is the exact kinda thing i wanna avoid. i remember what happend back in high school. ergh. but then again, it's satisfying T__T

written happily by :  THE ULTIMATE FARHAH :)

the comforting emptiness

Im not a loner. not at all. i enjoyed being in crowds. the attention and all. but sometimes, im better of on my own. not all the time. just sometimes. u know when u feel like u gotta sort things out. or when things didnt really go your way. u just wanna be alone. ??? catch my drift? not alone, ALONE. oh my god this is hard. it's not that i found my friends annoying or anything. not at all. but u know the feeling when ur walking, with your thoughts, and with the breeze, and the world suddenly seems quite and calm. you know what i mean right? away from everything. and it's like u finally got eveything figured out.

okay dah start bebel -.-

shut up farhah. :) no need to immerse in self loathing. u can do this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

dear APACS.

i recently found out that my cpa points hv been deducted. like WHAT THE FUCK? who the fuck came out with that brainless idea?

okay, i dont mind my points being NEGATIVE and all. they might did it to ensure our participation. BUT! please ask yr apacs member to be more active. my batch ada like 5 of em apacs. is it so hard to post this on our cat-cba group? instead of posting about useless shit, u might as well update us about apacs' info. it's not that hard, is it? please be considerate. i know it's our fault fr our lack of awareness, but cant u guys do something?

god. im pissed. -20. @#$%^&!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


today has been productive!

1. i watched all 6 movies that my parents bought yesterday.
2. i successfully cooked a very finger licking good sup tulang! all by my own. glorious.
3. I WATCHED IN TIME!! like, finally! and it was great. too bad 3 super hot guy died and one lame ass didnt -.-
4. i treated my brothers kfc with my study grant.
5. i made apple and starfruit juice using juice extractor without adult's supervision. YEAY ME!

thats about it. tomorrow im heading back to shah alam. joyy -.-

Friday, November 11, 2011


OKAYY, today's friday. and im already HOME! H.O.M.E

last week i stayed at home from friday, till tuesday. yeah, tuesday. and 3 days later (today), im right here in jb.

btw, sir t6 said i acted like a school kid. and his exact words were '' eh awak ni dah kat university pun perangai macam budak sekolah. macam mana nak dapat kerja nanti??''

ehh whattapak?! im only 18 T__T lambat lg nak kerja. im pretty sure i'll be all matured when the time comes. :D watch me. ha ha ha. -.-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

gaelic name

i was browsing through the web when i saw this ''GAELIC NAME''. being bored stiff, my hands automatically clicked the link and this tingling sense came rushing. haha. seriously, it is way better than typical malay names.

from A till Z.

goodbye lame, boring malay names. it's time to get creative haha. damn my kids are gonna have a rough childhood. haha.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

takda tajuk 2

harini penat gila nak mati.

7 jam dalam bus. tayar boleh pancit. bas bawak laju macam nak mati. sesat kat TBS. taxi takda kat seksyen 17. bus rapid lambat smpai kat seksyen 2. penat gila. penat penat penat.

nasib baik balik dgn fadel :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


cant live without em trolls :D


07/11/2011. today is my youngest brother's 9th birthday. he's already 9!! god i still remember when he was just a baby :') anyway, it is such a lovely coincidence that my parents anniversary is also on the 7th november.

today is my parents 19th anniversary. one more year, and they were married fr 20 years!! thats something we'll look forward to. ;)

dear ibu dan ayah.

theres so much i wanna say, but it's impossible fr me to say it all. so im gonna start with whatever that pops into my mind.

first of all, i want u to know how grateful i am to have such awesome and great parents like u. and i wont trade u for the world. u guys are amazing, and u were never too busy for us. no matter how tired, how busy, or how sick. i still remember everyday at night, all 4 of us will lie down on yr bed, and we'll cramped up on that king size bed. then we will take turn and start our story sharing session. what happened at school, what happend at home, what happened at work. that was a great moment for me. it's a moment i will always remember.

u taught us that family is everything. and we know it by heart. i bet u never expect this to happen, 19 years ago. u were just a couple of newlywed, not knowing what'll happen next. and tadaaaa, here we are, 19 years later. u have 4 amazingly awesome kids! esp ME, ofc.

if, IF i had the chance to rewind everything, and choose my own parents, believe me, i will still choose u. it doesnt matter if others hv palace, wear Prada, eat caviar. i dont care, as long as we have each other. and that is better than anything in the whole world. im thankful u guys met each other and gt married :)

im sorry if im not always the daughter i should be, if i dissapoint u, or made u mad, sad. and im sorry i cant pay you back. but i will grow up, and get a good job, and im gonna take good care of you!

HAPPY 19TH ANNIVERSARY GUYS! :* i love u so much no words can possibly descrie how i feel. h how i wish i dont grow up so i can stay with u guys forever :')

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank God fr study grant :)

ALHAMDULILLAH duit study grant dah masuk :)

rm660 all together. duit t4 belum dapat lg. baru duit fr 3 papers :D

thank u UiTM fr your generosity. i promise i will do my best next time to gv u the pleasure of paying my exam fees again :P 


Saturday, November 5, 2011


ok 1st off. anyone yg annoyed with me, writing bout my friends, on my blog, i just gotta say, i dont give a crap. haha.

haa, i was chatting with my dear friend faraw, when i suddenly feel like writing about her. :P

i dont feel like writing an essay, so i'll just list em down fr ya.


1. she's super cool.
2. she can speak/write in english. heeee
3. she's smart.
4. she curses! seriously, susah nk jumpa kat uitm perempuan yg curse. me aside. HAHA
5. she thought i gt 8A's in my spm. hihi. sayang kauu for that.
6. we always agree on stuffs. except fr Harry Potter and Asam Pedas. *dia x makan asam pedas. -.-
7. Dia muka macam Asyraf Najid. ok, ni bkan reason y i like u, but still, i feel like putting it here HAHA.
8. SHE LOVES ME. seriously, she loves me. haha.
i think 8's enough :) nnt kalau lebih lebih kang i tend to kutuk her haha.

ps: internet kinda slow, cant put her picture here. sob sob.

It's raya again!!

                    Selamat Hari Raya people!! :) 

best lah tengok lembu and kambing beratur nak kena korban :) kambing ayah aku dok diam jek, tak bergaul lgsg. takut agaknya. hihihi

Friday, November 4, 2011


1. Which one would you rather do, skydiving or bungee jumping?
    OH, NONE! i dont even wanna get into rollercoaster. let alone these two. 

2. What is the worst movie that you've ever seen?
   INCEPTION! it's wayy too complicated fr me to understand T__T

3. Chocolate or vanilla?
   definitely VANILLA. chocolate's kinda yucky :P

4. What does your dream guy looks like?
   exactly like him <3

5. Have you ever had any crush on any of your classmates now?
   now?? NO. but if u asked me 5 months ago, then it will be a yes :P

6. Beach or garden wedding?
    GARDEN! not a fan of beach or sea, or anything that involves flowing water with the    possibility of me drowning.

7. One song that describes you in person.
    NEVER GROW UP - taylor swift :')

8. The sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to you.
     ''i love u unconditionally''. my mom said this when my spm result was announced T__T

9. Sam Tsui or Boyce Avenue?
    and who the heck are they??

10. Which is better, school or university life?
      UNIVERSITY. i hate my school. good riddance haha.

11. In one word, describe how you feel now.


12. What do you think of Malay film?

      i'd rather die than watch one. ok, not true. most of them sucked. 99% of em. but the other 1% is bearable.

13. Have you ever think of dying you hair?
      like DUHH. ofc. but not warna perang. it's too normal. it's either purple or red :P 

14. Who is you ultimate celebrity crush?

      the ultimate, eh? that will be IAN SOMERHALDER. vampire diaries.

15. Your current favourite colour is?

      dont have one. im not picky. 

16. Have you ever tell someone that you love him?

      YES. and i think it was a bad move :P

17. How many online accounts do you have?

      one. i think. haha

18. Justin Bieber or Joe Brooks?
      JBIEBS! i love that guy. i dont evn care if he's gay. in fact, i prefer if he's gay :P

19. Where would you go for your honeymoon?

      LAS VEGAS!! it's just soo much more romantic than paris. 

20. If you're not taking accounting, what course would you take?

      hmm, tough one. idk, medicine, maybe? 


Thursday, November 3, 2011

i hope t6 best macam harini EVERYDAY!

seriously t6 harini best. dia ajar betul betul and ajar sampai kitorang paham.

then we chit chat-ed with him fr a while. and budak2 tu kenakan aku.

it started like this.

sir : saya balik esok. esok saya nak ambil adik saya kat airport.
me: adik sir belajar kat mana?
sir: sabah. medic
azureen: lelaki ke perempuan?? *nada excited
sir : perempuan lahh.

sir: tapi sy ada adik lelaki. chef. kerja kat maldives, US, merantau.
the girls : hah, farhah nak, sir. dia suka. waaa, merah lah muka farhah.
me: wtf?? 
the girls: ala boleh la, orang johor jugak tuu.

*oyeah lupa ckp, sir org johor jugak. batu pahat. heee :P 

then his phone rang.. i was like THANK GOD! 

he hang up. semua diam. THEN HE ASKED. kenapa awak nak tau pasal adik saya farhah??

the girls: farhah memang suka orang johor, sir. 
me: *maki maki dlm hati*

sir: hahaha. saya duduk peserai. awak tau kat mana? shell tu pakcik saya punya. petronas kat situ ayah saya punya. saya je jd akauntan -.-

the girls : *breaks into laugh

sir: adik saya tu marathon kat australia. kat malaysia pun dia lari marathon. saya kahwin dia yg masak.
me: *apahal pulak cerita psl adik dia nii???*
the girls: haaa, elok sgt lah tuuu. *sambil gelak2*

seriously, muka aku dah merah gila sbb malu. hahaha. mmg korang sgt kejam dan x berhati budi T__T nasib baik sir layan jek. haha. 

but all the crappy-ness aside, mmg belajar t6 harini paham pun :) cash flow dah pro dah haha.

these are some of the pictures taken right after class. balik jalan kaki you :) hihi

takda tajuk.

okay, i know it's inappropriate to say this, but i hate her!!!!!

sumpah her words semua annoying and her ''style'' is just fake and she's trying wayyy to hard to be COOL.

well, guess what lady, you're not.

stop this madness. stop this stupidity. argh. Anwar Hadi forever. haha

To Almaz, i've decide for both of us :D

and this piece of hunk is mine <3 !!
almaz, this is mr suit for youu!!

the other side of patrick jane. this one's mine

anddd this is your CHO! the other side of him, too. hahaha

this one's for me. OMG check out those abs!!

this is yours. sorry i cant find a decent picture of him :P

THIS IS MINE! look at those eyes. dreamy.

and this is yours. he is one of the originals.  and his hairdo's like omg haha


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

salman yang comel. aiman yg suka merokok

that is salman. he is sooo nice and cute and funneyh!

me and faten and syu were having girls' talk last night. and here's how nama salman naik.

syu : banyak banyak lelaki dalam class kita, u guys rasa sapa paling baik?
me : SALMAN!
faten : SALMAN!! salman tu comel, baik, tak pernah marah.

see? salman mmg baik and comel. haha.

oh ni aiman. dia suka hisap rokok. -.- 

he can smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day! a packet of cigarette cost about rm10. can u imagine that? rm10 DAILY. DAILY. and aku rasa jangka hayat aku makin pendek sejak kawan dengan dia. im not used to cigarette's smoke since my dad, and my brothers dont smoke. so memang torture having to sit next to him -.- 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

politic madness between me and shah

ok, nama dia shyamimi alif. i called him shah. i think everyone pun calls him shah. anywayyy, AKU SUKA GILA CAKAP PASAL POLITIK DGN DIA! dia pro BN lah kan. we'r on the same side. AND DIA PUN BUDAK JOHORR! and today kitorg sama sama worried on the upcoming PRU.

i havent talk about politic fr quite some time. last after budget dibentangkan. and today TERstart talk about politic, and CANT STOP. we found few pages mcm belia benci umno, kami benci saiful bukhari. and seriously, we're worried about malaysia's future. ada 25k belia against umno. what'll happen in the next 10 years?? PRU yg akan dtg ni, macam mana??

i dont think there's an answer fr my question. guess we just gotta wait and see

ps: shah, sbb kau aku x tido lagi. esok aku xleh bangun, mmg salah kau. ahaha.

you are one ungrateful being

u know what i hate? when ppl post pasal politic di facebook. and kutuk kutuk kerajaan. and use bahasa kasar and uncivilised. like wtf? kau belajar pun kerajaan lg yg tanggung. at least show some respect. kau ingat dah bagus sgt lah kutuk isteri PM mcm tu? edit gambar bukan bukan, sebar kat facebook. use yr fucking head. kau dgn taktau apa apa pasal politik, lg berani speak yr mind loudy macam tu. and worse, kawan2 kau semua bodoh and ikut je cakap kau.

hey mister, kalau kau bg point kukuh on why kau against the government, i can still accept it. tapi bila kau buat macam ni, terus nmpk yr stupid side.

and fr the government servants out there. yg x vote for kerajaan. dapat bonus suka. then buat status kat fb ''best lah naik gaji. tempat kerja dekat. nak balik bila bila pun senang''. seriously? now, sbb orang macam kau lah, nama kerajaan teruk. kakitangan kerajaan masuk kerja lambat, break lunch smpai 2,3 jam. then dpt bonus suka, terkinja kinja. oh oh, tak lupa, then condemned cakap PM saja nak amek hati sbb nak PRU. well, kalau kau anti sgt dgn kerajaan, dont take the money, dumbass.

and fr students out there. kau masih belajar kan? under government's support kan? duit makan kau kat asrama tu, sapa yg tanggung? kau pk sebulan rm100 tu cukup nak tanggung kau makan 6x sehari?? use yr fucking head. then belajar luar negara, under biasiswa kerajaan, balik sini, vote pembangkang. perfect.

seriously i dont mind if sokong opposition party. BN pun mmg tak perfect. banyak sgt flaws. i admit it. but please, voice it in a more civilised way. and please, think twice, before u write anything stupid. stupidity is contagious, u see.


i dont usually watch korean movies/series. to me, they're kinda dumb and not up to my standard. yeah, i mean, im an avid fan of english series. from comedy Friends, to crime-based Criminal Minds. and dulu memang tak pandang langsung cerita korea. plus im bestfriend with Almaz, and she doesnt watch korean's either.

butttt. since masuk uitm, i've managed to watch two of em! the 1st one is ...... okay, x ingat tajuk. but it's quite famous dulu. and the latest one is DREAM HIGH! im not good at giving synopsis, but it's kinda cool. not as lame ass as i thought it'd be. hihihi. sorry almaz, i think im turning lame. :P

but no fret, aku still akan pilih english series over any korean's.

list of my favourite series of all time.

1) FRIENDS!! this one is a masterpiece. THE  BEST
2) CRIMINAL MINDS. it has everything a great series should have
3) VAMPIRE DIARIES. total awesomeness
4) MENTALIST. i LOVEEE patrik jane.
6) 24. okay, 24's sposed to be on the top 5, buttt season baru lama sgt nak start.
7) PSYCHHH. ni sumpah kelakar.

i cant list my fave movies sebab dah tengok TERLALU BANYAK. T__T

now my family dah start watching new series macam Games of Thrones, Camelot, Borgois. basically semua cerita about kingdom, king, religion. 18th century punya cerita. and they're great. penuh drama. haha. i think it's safe to say that i've watched too many things from too many genre.

but since im no longer staying at home, my movie watching time has reduced to 80%. this is sad. and cerita korea takda yg macam ni! i mean, mesti pasal cinta, cinta, cinta. my overgrown brain cant accept that bull. haha. ok, actually they're not that bad. cuma macam tak berkembang otak when u watched that kinda story over and over and over again.

holy crap, i ended up criticizing cerita korea -.- sheesh. better stop now. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

faten muntah atas lantai

yeah, my roommate, faten, boleh muntah around 3am today. like wtf? i was sleeping when faten tiba tiba bukak semua lampu and lari pergi toilet. i was like ''setakat nak berak pun kena bukak semua lampu ke?''. -.-

then i smelled this awful stinking odour. masam and gross-ish. and tadaaaaaa. kat sebelah katil faten, on the floor, ada this a pool of vomit. yikesss. sumpah busuk. long story short, i gave her all my t1, t2, t3 paper and bagi dia buat lap muntah :P at least berguna jugak la paper2 tu :D

and todaaaaayy i met BENBELLA! aiman's younger brother. he's 14 tp sumpah matured. dia salam cium tangan hihihi. and aiman cant stop singing ''baskin robins 31''. retard.

OH AND TADI LECTURER T6 MCM SANGAT COMEL. hihihi. tho i wish he would stop referring to me as home sick. seriously. im not homesick! and tadi kena tegur sbb duduk sebelah lelaki. wth? he's cool and awesome and x garang langsung. but honestly, he cant teach haha.

it's raining now :) tidur best ni.. so long..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saving money

i have my own way of saving money.

i'll eat maggi, biscuit HUP SENG with tea, roti coklat with soya bean, and all that sorta crap frm monday till sunday. i do brunch, and dinner. brunch will cost me around rm3. IF i buy food outside. by food, i meant, roti coklat, bubur rm2 and many more. if malas, i'll just stay in my room, makan biskut yang ada, with TEA! oh how i love my tea. and sama jugak time dinner. if tak bubur, roti, if not bread, biscuits, kalau x, makan maggi.

this goes on fr 5 days. so in 5 days, cuma belanja rm15, max. then on saturday, i'll go out, and eat real food. rm20 max. so in a week, i spent rm35 on food. and rm10 fr other things. rm50 all together laaa.

IF makan macam biasa, it's rm3 fr breakfast, rm5 fr lunch, and rm5 fr dinner. it's rm13 per day. PER DAY. times by 7, it's rm91. ok, rm90 give or take.

i saved rm40 per week. and i am so proud of myself :)

T5 -.-

i was doing my homework when i suddenly realised this horrible, horrifying truth.

exaggerate much. haha. we're moving fast in t6 and t7. management accounting and financial accounting. dah page 300+ in less than 2 months. *hebat x hebat x?? BUT!! t5 baru page 70 something. really? like, for real???!! the other group, like group B, C and D is wayyy ahead of us. group B already at chapter 14! i know my class will be having our examination on January, and not Disember, like the rest of the group will. but, we're 10 chapters behind. 

and i gotta tell u, t5 is nerve-breaking. it's boring, it's meaningless, and it's got everything to hate, and nothing to love. oh damn. looks like i gotta do some reading on my own. T___T 


subang jaya mall :)

today i went out with Asyraf Najid and Nur Zalikha. well, asyraf and i need to settle few things, and i asked ika to tag along. we went to subang jaya, and we bowled!

and i suck....

tanak main bowling lagi. malu ah asyik kosong jek -.-

anyway, we had fun :) thanks asyraffff!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Angels :)

i have been planning to write about them since Day 1. They're my joy here. i had a rough time at first, everything is just overwhelming, and i had to adapt to new environment, but they made it all bearable :)

Dila. Faten
adilah is like, the total opposite of me. small, and innocent, and nice, and naive, and she LOVES korean drama. which im sooo not into. her innocence is sometimes shocking and strike me as funny. ramai tanya macam mana boleh rapat dgn dila. well, i guess friendship finds a way :) and fatennnn, well, i called her pateng. pateng is the not-so-innocent among my other friends. she reminds me of my close friend back in Tasek 2. nur hanaa. sebijik. the blurry type, and they have the same loud voice too. serious. macam tertelan speaker. she's really funny and she's the one yg taught me to sleep at 3am. demyuu pateng.

gambar ni tak boleh nak rotate -.-

izyan. nysa
They're my classmates, and diorang pun roommates! paham tak? -.- nama penuh izyan is FARHAH izyan. ada farhah jugak. the 1st question i asked her is ''nak panggil farhah or izyan?'' thank god she said IZYAN. mana boleh ada dua farhah in the same class, right? she's kinda quiet at 1st, but when she's started, she CANT STOP! Nysa .... she's evil and mean. she finds it fun to mess with my head. creepy psycho. seriously antara ramai ramai manusia dalam class tu, entah kenapa dia mesti nak kacau aku -.- gila jahat. tp nysa comellll. hihihi. nysa pun baik jugak sebenarnya :*

baju merah: AZUREEN. baju belang: MIA

Azureen, she's kinda weird. she tends to LIKE every post kat facebook. tak kira lah sapa punya. and haritu dia kena kunci kat luar class sebab masuk lambat. HA HA. sorry julin, but i had to write this :P she lovessss to tokok tambah anything that i started. aku start, and dia sambung. and sometimes, we drive people nuts! Mia, well, she's hard to describe. she's secretive and dia suka gelak. she can laugh fr no reason n i think it's creepy, and oh oh! dia pun macam faten. hihi. suara dia kuattttt. tertelan speaker jugak. haha. ayat tertelan speaker ni dapat from NYSA. so mia, put the blame on nysa. :D

and lastly, IKAAAA. okay ika, time kau je internet terus slow gila nak mati smpai tak leh letak gambar haha. ika ni yang pkai tudung putih dlm picture yg takleh rotate tu :P ika ni, kakak usrah kitorang. she's really matured, and dia suka tarik telinga orang tak pasal2. macam mak mak. dia alim, and sentiasa berceramah. yeah, macam kitorg dengar lah kan. haha. oh and dia suka bebel :) hihi. 

ni faraw. bukan classmate, tapi kitorang rapatt. but she loves harry potter. LAME!

the greatest thing about them is, no matter macam mana i act, or how bitchy i am, or how childish, diorang tak pernah marah. well, at least tak depan depan. haha. and diorg mmg sangat baik, and often made me feel like im the evil one. -.- love u guys!! next year tak sama class, since im taking audit, and they dont :'( 

well, more post coming right up! 

ps: i kinda love THE ULTIMATE FARHAH as a nickname. it has a nice ring to it. :P 

mixed up and fucked up.

i hate this. i hate this. 

okay enough self loathing. i can get through this :) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

whats on my mind now

1. bila nak tidur
2. esok ada t5, t6, t7. gaaaad BOSAN.
3. cuti raya haji
4. bila faten nak tidur
5. bila syu nak tidur
6. will i be able to wake up at 6.30am
7. beg berat esok
8. esok jumpa sir asyaari
9. raya haji bila?
10. beli tiket bas.
11. bila nak tidur.
12. tahan sabar :)
13. mona fendi. yeah tetibe terpikir pasal mona fendi. great -.-
15. bila nak jd kaya.

3 entries in one night? i need a life -.-






ni la tengku :P haha. salah eja nama pun nak bising -.-

sincerely, Farhah Mahzan :*

it's 2.30 am

BILA NAK TIDUR NIIII????????????????!!!!!!!


sebenarnya tak planned pun nak ke sunway pyramid. but it was raining like hell, and no way we could make it to seksyen 7, so we asked aiman to pick us up. andddddd we went to sunway :D

makan kenny roger's roaster! and the mash potato is to die for.

this is us....

see the side dishes??

The Mushy Aiman! our own Transporter

Faten. Syu.

Foxeyh Ladeyh!

The Girls

it feels great dapat keluar from UiTM once in a while :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 cant say much. :)

MY IQ IS 107

okay, i was bored as hell tadi. so i took this iq test. and voilaa! dapat 107. 105 is average, 115 is above average. so i guess im okay. hahaha. it's not that bad. BUT!!! my BESTIEST BESTIE, NUR ALMAZ, scored 81. hahahah thats even below average. dont worry al, we're still friends. stupidity's not contagious, right? ha ha ha.

oh, meet ALMAZ~

reddie hottie :P

okay, she's not as dumb as i claimed her to be. her iq is low, granted, but she's one hell of a smartie :D oh and her english rocks!! hahaha