Saturday, January 28, 2012


it's been ages since i posted anything here. so here i am. haha.

i have passed two out of 3 papers! yeay me! my t5 was so unexpected. thanks to Allah :')

so this tuesday is my last paper. i hope i'll pass this one too. cant waste another rm300. haha. havent see my family fr almost 3 weeks. tak pernah selama ni seh. miss them like hell.

till then , bye! wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's been a while.

i havent been updating my blog fr quite some time. i guess i've been busy doing important stuffs. haha i wish -..-

so whats new eh?

1) just finished my trials! weeehooo
2) being pissed at my KP. she sucks. booooooooo!
3) my finals on the 18th or so. cant go back to JB till 31st. heh
4) cant take audit. wtf. thanks miss lousy KP. t(^^t)

haha actually, ada banyakkkk lagi. but i cant really write it all. oh and school has started! padan muka my brothers. Haha. Oh and haziq's started working. i hope he'll last. haha. go brother!

ok, till next time. much love, farhah.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


i have to stop being so ignorant. i honestly thought uitm will handle the acca tingy fr us. but like always, i was wrong -..-

so today, me, nicha, dila and julin went to acca malaysia's office and we settled tings on our own.  A BIG THANKS TO NICHA'S DAD!

now dah super lega. tinggal nak daftar jek :)