Monday, October 31, 2011

faten muntah atas lantai

yeah, my roommate, faten, boleh muntah around 3am today. like wtf? i was sleeping when faten tiba tiba bukak semua lampu and lari pergi toilet. i was like ''setakat nak berak pun kena bukak semua lampu ke?''. -.-

then i smelled this awful stinking odour. masam and gross-ish. and tadaaaaaa. kat sebelah katil faten, on the floor, ada this a pool of vomit. yikesss. sumpah busuk. long story short, i gave her all my t1, t2, t3 paper and bagi dia buat lap muntah :P at least berguna jugak la paper2 tu :D

and todaaaaayy i met BENBELLA! aiman's younger brother. he's 14 tp sumpah matured. dia salam cium tangan hihihi. and aiman cant stop singing ''baskin robins 31''. retard.

OH AND TADI LECTURER T6 MCM SANGAT COMEL. hihihi. tho i wish he would stop referring to me as home sick. seriously. im not homesick! and tadi kena tegur sbb duduk sebelah lelaki. wth? he's cool and awesome and x garang langsung. but honestly, he cant teach haha.

it's raining now :) tidur best ni.. so long..

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saving money

i have my own way of saving money.

i'll eat maggi, biscuit HUP SENG with tea, roti coklat with soya bean, and all that sorta crap frm monday till sunday. i do brunch, and dinner. brunch will cost me around rm3. IF i buy food outside. by food, i meant, roti coklat, bubur rm2 and many more. if malas, i'll just stay in my room, makan biskut yang ada, with TEA! oh how i love my tea. and sama jugak time dinner. if tak bubur, roti, if not bread, biscuits, kalau x, makan maggi.

this goes on fr 5 days. so in 5 days, cuma belanja rm15, max. then on saturday, i'll go out, and eat real food. rm20 max. so in a week, i spent rm35 on food. and rm10 fr other things. rm50 all together laaa.

IF makan macam biasa, it's rm3 fr breakfast, rm5 fr lunch, and rm5 fr dinner. it's rm13 per day. PER DAY. times by 7, it's rm91. ok, rm90 give or take.

i saved rm40 per week. and i am so proud of myself :)

T5 -.-

i was doing my homework when i suddenly realised this horrible, horrifying truth.

exaggerate much. haha. we're moving fast in t6 and t7. management accounting and financial accounting. dah page 300+ in less than 2 months. *hebat x hebat x?? BUT!! t5 baru page 70 something. really? like, for real???!! the other group, like group B, C and D is wayyy ahead of us. group B already at chapter 14! i know my class will be having our examination on January, and not Disember, like the rest of the group will. but, we're 10 chapters behind. 

and i gotta tell u, t5 is nerve-breaking. it's boring, it's meaningless, and it's got everything to hate, and nothing to love. oh damn. looks like i gotta do some reading on my own. T___T 


subang jaya mall :)

today i went out with Asyraf Najid and Nur Zalikha. well, asyraf and i need to settle few things, and i asked ika to tag along. we went to subang jaya, and we bowled!

and i suck....

tanak main bowling lagi. malu ah asyik kosong jek -.-

anyway, we had fun :) thanks asyraffff!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Angels :)

i have been planning to write about them since Day 1. They're my joy here. i had a rough time at first, everything is just overwhelming, and i had to adapt to new environment, but they made it all bearable :)

Dila. Faten
adilah is like, the total opposite of me. small, and innocent, and nice, and naive, and she LOVES korean drama. which im sooo not into. her innocence is sometimes shocking and strike me as funny. ramai tanya macam mana boleh rapat dgn dila. well, i guess friendship finds a way :) and fatennnn, well, i called her pateng. pateng is the not-so-innocent among my other friends. she reminds me of my close friend back in Tasek 2. nur hanaa. sebijik. the blurry type, and they have the same loud voice too. serious. macam tertelan speaker. she's really funny and she's the one yg taught me to sleep at 3am. demyuu pateng.

gambar ni tak boleh nak rotate -.-

izyan. nysa
They're my classmates, and diorang pun roommates! paham tak? -.- nama penuh izyan is FARHAH izyan. ada farhah jugak. the 1st question i asked her is ''nak panggil farhah or izyan?'' thank god she said IZYAN. mana boleh ada dua farhah in the same class, right? she's kinda quiet at 1st, but when she's started, she CANT STOP! Nysa .... she's evil and mean. she finds it fun to mess with my head. creepy psycho. seriously antara ramai ramai manusia dalam class tu, entah kenapa dia mesti nak kacau aku -.- gila jahat. tp nysa comellll. hihihi. nysa pun baik jugak sebenarnya :*

baju merah: AZUREEN. baju belang: MIA

Azureen, she's kinda weird. she tends to LIKE every post kat facebook. tak kira lah sapa punya. and haritu dia kena kunci kat luar class sebab masuk lambat. HA HA. sorry julin, but i had to write this :P she lovessss to tokok tambah anything that i started. aku start, and dia sambung. and sometimes, we drive people nuts! Mia, well, she's hard to describe. she's secretive and dia suka gelak. she can laugh fr no reason n i think it's creepy, and oh oh! dia pun macam faten. hihi. suara dia kuattttt. tertelan speaker jugak. haha. ayat tertelan speaker ni dapat from NYSA. so mia, put the blame on nysa. :D

and lastly, IKAAAA. okay ika, time kau je internet terus slow gila nak mati smpai tak leh letak gambar haha. ika ni yang pkai tudung putih dlm picture yg takleh rotate tu :P ika ni, kakak usrah kitorang. she's really matured, and dia suka tarik telinga orang tak pasal2. macam mak mak. dia alim, and sentiasa berceramah. yeah, macam kitorg dengar lah kan. haha. oh and dia suka bebel :) hihi. 

ni faraw. bukan classmate, tapi kitorang rapatt. but she loves harry potter. LAME!

the greatest thing about them is, no matter macam mana i act, or how bitchy i am, or how childish, diorang tak pernah marah. well, at least tak depan depan. haha. and diorg mmg sangat baik, and often made me feel like im the evil one. -.- love u guys!! next year tak sama class, since im taking audit, and they dont :'( 

well, more post coming right up! 

ps: i kinda love THE ULTIMATE FARHAH as a nickname. it has a nice ring to it. :P 

mixed up and fucked up.

i hate this. i hate this. 

okay enough self loathing. i can get through this :) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

whats on my mind now

1. bila nak tidur
2. esok ada t5, t6, t7. gaaaad BOSAN.
3. cuti raya haji
4. bila faten nak tidur
5. bila syu nak tidur
6. will i be able to wake up at 6.30am
7. beg berat esok
8. esok jumpa sir asyaari
9. raya haji bila?
10. beli tiket bas.
11. bila nak tidur.
12. tahan sabar :)
13. mona fendi. yeah tetibe terpikir pasal mona fendi. great -.-
15. bila nak jd kaya.

3 entries in one night? i need a life -.-






ni la tengku :P haha. salah eja nama pun nak bising -.-

sincerely, Farhah Mahzan :*

it's 2.30 am

BILA NAK TIDUR NIIII????????????????!!!!!!!


sebenarnya tak planned pun nak ke sunway pyramid. but it was raining like hell, and no way we could make it to seksyen 7, so we asked aiman to pick us up. andddddd we went to sunway :D

makan kenny roger's roaster! and the mash potato is to die for.

this is us....

see the side dishes??

The Mushy Aiman! our own Transporter

Faten. Syu.

Foxeyh Ladeyh!

The Girls

it feels great dapat keluar from UiTM once in a while :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 cant say much. :)

MY IQ IS 107

okay, i was bored as hell tadi. so i took this iq test. and voilaa! dapat 107. 105 is average, 115 is above average. so i guess im okay. hahaha. it's not that bad. BUT!!! my BESTIEST BESTIE, NUR ALMAZ, scored 81. hahahah thats even below average. dont worry al, we're still friends. stupidity's not contagious, right? ha ha ha.

oh, meet ALMAZ~

reddie hottie :P

okay, she's not as dumb as i claimed her to be. her iq is low, granted, but she's one hell of a smartie :D oh and her english rocks!! hahaha

Monday, October 24, 2011

dodo and baby :)

ok, i'll write in malay for this one. haha.

dodo 14 tahun, baby 9 tahun. they're are both my brothers, and they hv this distinctive character.

hehehe idk how boleh start panggil dia Dodo. but i believed my youngest brother started it ;P it was originated from the word BODOH, haha. dodo is 14 and lemme tell u this, he is a bitch. like a male bitch. he's like this destructive machine, hurting everyone along the way haha. exaggerate much. his teachers said that he resembles me. oh wth? it's okay fr girls to be bitchy, but it's not fr guys!! dodo is the most pemalas human being i've ever seen. and he refuses to eat my mum's cooking unless it's something special. and god, he pisses us off. hahaha. dodo if ur reading this, im sorryyyyy! haha. but he's loads of fun! we often do something to piss haziq off. haha. and kalau tengah bosan, memang dodo lah yang teman buat dajal. we share the same interest at school. *pissing teachers off. and the teacher that we agreed on being the most hated is, USTAZ MAALIM! our PK HEM. oh yeah, dodo pun sama sekolah jugak. it's safe to say that, he reflects me. and sometimes, that scares me. tahun depan dia PMR. i sure hope he'll get good results. he's gotta live up to the reputation, u see. dodo and baby, macam kucing and anjing. mesti gaduh. over the simplest lil things. my mum threatend nak hantar dia boarding school next year haha. that'll change everything.


Oh my sweet innocent baby :) it was just like yesterday i heard his cries. well, shrieking is more like it. and now he's 9!! he's the youngest and we spoiled him sooo much. he cries everytime i had to go back to shah alam. and the night before that, he'll force me to sleep with him :') he's my baby brother and i hate to dissapoint him. dia sangat sangat manja and sangat sensitif. but he's learned to toughen up with time. he's no longer the kid yg nangis mengadu everytime kena usik dengan kawan. dia dah reti balas balik, TENFOLD. way to go baby. im sooo proud of u. and i love teaching him english and maths when im at home. with that innocent face and sepet eyes, it's really impossible to scold him. he's my teddy bear :)

aaargh all this posting made me misses home more than everr! :')
awwh innocentnya muka dodo! 

di wisma mais. the day before aku masuk uitm.  baby comel gilaaa

Dodo. ME!

hihihi baby rongakk :D
the 3 musketeers! abang. dodo. baby

okay, im done. time for t5 haha 

for my brother, Haziq :)

heheeh i know, it's lame. but i hv this sudden urge to blog about him.

his name is haziq zikri mahzan. and he's 17. i was only a year and 5 months when he arrived out of nowhere. like suddenly, im a sister??! i often read in mags and papers that the older sibling will feel somehow betrayed and neglected when the newborn came. but not me! im wayy too matured for that. i still remember the day he learned how to walk. he bumped into me and knocked me out completely.

we went to the same school ever since we were a kid. i was 8, he was 7. i took the responsibility of taking care of him. believe it or not, i'll visit his class whenever i was free. all of his teachers knew me,since i went to his class like, EVERYDAY. aint it cute? i was only 8! see? im a good sister.

then we grew up. he did well academically. still cant beat me, tho :P we went to the same high school again. and our class is literally next to each other. i know everything that he did, n vice versa. it's kinda boring. and he's the reason why im so spoiled and immature! he'll condemned everything i did, n he'll do it himself. cant blame me fr being street-dumb. i have overprotective brothers to blame. actually, i have 3 of them :)

we dont use polite words when we talk. bodoh, sial, babi is like a must. but it doesnt mean we dont respect each other. we're just too close and those words dont really matter :) it's really fun and it's like we can talk about anything with each other. this goes the same to my dodo and baby as well :D tho baby didnt curse, yet, since he's only 9. time will tell haha

well, the reason im writing this, is because i just realised he's a grown up now. 17 and tall. he'll be sitting fr his spm soon :) he has this dream of becoming a doctor. i dont really encourage it tho. baik dia ambil CAT haha.

haziq, be a good man, take care of everyone. ayah, ibu, dodo and baby. ur the eldest now. jangan sibuk sangat menggatal dengan perempuan. spm dah nak dekat. haritu yeye cakap nak beat my spm's result. well, prove yourself, kiddo.

love, your one and only sister, the ultimate FARHAH :D

US!! Haziq, Me, Dad, Mom, Baby and Dodo
okay. major brain damaged :P
he was so cute and innocent! time's a bitch

delete yang lama, tulis yang baru

i just realised how immature and stupid i sound last year. goddamn it. the only way is to delete everything back and start anew :)


okay, this is something to cheer about. :D never liked it, never will. it's actually kinda funny when everyone complained how their hands hurt from writing essays. yeah, we havent write anything for so long until we forgot what pens are for! okay total lie, but u catch my drift, right? i dont ask much. passing is good enough. but ustaz said he never failed anyone before, so i guess im saved!

what to do now? t4-done. ies-done. NO HOMEWORKS, NO EXAMS. i guess this calls for, CRIMINAL MINDS MARATHON! i chose to bring CM here because i missed my MORGAN :') almaz, if ur reading this, reid's cute, but morgan is the alpha male hihihi,.

aaa gotta go. it's maghrib already. had ayam penyet just now. absolute awesomeness!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

yesterday was his 18th birthday :'(

yes, he was my best buddy n i loved him like hell. then he met this bitch, and forget bout me completelyy. ok i lied :) i wronged him and hurt him like hell. i took him for granted and i kept hurting him. again and again.

he helped me a lot. but i never seemed to appreciate him. HAHA. my fault. i dont know what's wrong with me, but i tend to hurt people around me. seriously. sigh. anyway, his birthday was on 22nd October. yesterday. i didnt wish him cause i know he wants nothing to do with me.

im kinda impressed since im not able to do that. haha. it was kinda hard for me to let go. haha.



okay, hello there! i have totally neglected my blog since October last year. it's not that i did it on purpose. long story short, i forgot my password :) SO NOW HERE I AM..

whats new? well, now im at uitm shah alam, doing CAT. no time to explain now. and im surrounded by beautiful and awesome people. tho they tend to treat me like im an 8 year old. which is kinda frustrating sometimes. but i like being pampered :D

oh and i still cant get over the fact that i dont live in my own house anymore. still cry everytime i waved my family goodbye. :') but hey, growing up has its price.

honestly, i dont miss my school even a bit. but i missed my friends, and teachers. well, some of my teachers, that is. some are just better being forgotten. no offence.

how im doing here? im doing great. my course is manageable, n it feels like i finally know what im doing, and what i want. macam true calling lah kira haha.

oh and tomorrow i have my IES exam. =.= no biggie.

this is it. i bid u adieu :)